NIO officially opens first EV battery swap station in Denmark

Chinese EV automaker NIO has begun operations of its first EV battery swap station in the country of Denmark. The centrally located station will offer battery swap access to new NIO drivers in several European countries and brings NIO’s station total to twelve throughout the continent.

NIO ($NIO) is a publicly-traded EV automaker founded in 2014 that currently sits as one of the leading EV brands in China. The automaker is coming off more losses to cap off 2022 according to its recent Q4 financial report, but its EV deliveries continue to grow – not only in China, but also in Europe.

It was May of 2021 when the EV automaker first announced plans to expand to markets outside of China, beginning in Norway. Germany soon followed as NIO’s next target, and the first outside of China to receive deliveries of its ET7 sedan.

During the launch of its second EV sedan, the ET5, NIO shared plans for additional expansion in Europe, including the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. NIO is also one of the few EV automakers in the world developing and expanding battery swap station capabilities.

In addition to third party charging access for European customers, NIO has begun implementing battery swap stations in the countries mentioned above and has even considered licensing the technology to others on the continent.

Today, NIO shared it has officially launched its first swap station in Denmark to support five different countries in Europe.

NIO Denmark
NIO’s current charging footprint in Europe including the new swap station in Denmark / Credit: NIO

NIO’s Denmark swap station ‘center of five EU countries’

NIO shared images from today’s opening ceremony in Denmark on its official WeChat account this morning, explaining its new battery swap role in Europe. The swap station is located in Slagelse, about 100 km (62 mi) southwest of Copenhagen next to the E20 highway.

NIO’s placement of this swap station near the highway in Slagelse was strategic as the EV automaker states it is located in the center of five different European countries: Denmark (obviously), Sweden, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands.

As you can see from the map above, the Denmark swap station joins 11 others throughout the EU countries NIO’s EVs are currently sold in, in addition to 6 NIO Power branded charging stations, home to 18 supercharging piles.

NIO also states that through third-party charging agreements, its European drivers have access to nearly 390,000 chargers in addition to the small but growing footprint of NIO supercharger and battery swap stations.

No announcement on where the next swap station may be erected after Denmark, but as NIO continues to grow its EV deliveries and the number of European countries it sells in, you can expect its branded charging footprint to correlate along with it.

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