California Weather: Atmospheric River Unloads Heavy Rain, Snow; Flooding Concerns Likely to Emerge

March became problematic for California after heavy snow caused health and safety concerns. This week, the latest forecast showed that atmospheric river could cause flooding concerns in California.

Californians should keep updated with the weather for possible flooding, travel disruptions and slower commutes this week.

Atmospheric events and flooding

Rancho Cucamonga, California, on February 25, 2023

(Photo : by JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images)
Rancho Cucamonga, California, on February 25, 2023. The latest weather forecasts showed that the atmospheric event caused flooding concerns in California this week. Recently, Californians suffered from heavy snow, causing many to become stranded at home. 

In the latest weather report, AccuWeather said that the atmospheric event hit parts of California, causing challenging rain and snow.

The weather forecast advised residents to stay alert for the rapid water rise due to the rainy conditions.

Central Valley could expect challenging conditions as a flood warning is present in the Merced River. Weather agencies also monitored the Salinas River and Monterey County.

Meanwhile, the report added that rainy conditions impacted southeastern California and parts of Los Angeles.

Recently, CNN News reported that California suffered from heavy snow, especially in San Bernardino County, which left many residents stranded at their homes.

In the latest key message, the NWS Weather Prediction Center reported that mountain snow could unload in northern and central California this coming weekend.

The weather forecast added that excessive rainfall could unfold next week in California, which could cause more flooding concerns.

On the other hand, CBS News reported that about 9,000 residents in California were evacuated due to the atmospheric river.

Meanwhile, authorities deployed personnel to help with evacuations and cleaning operations due to downed trees.

The report added that Watsonville residents were advised to evacuate due to possible flooding.

Due to the flooding, residents could expect slower commutes and travel disruptions.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that the recent snowpack in California improved the prolonged drought in the region, helping essential reservoirs.

 How to prepare for flooding

The flooding concerns in California could result in dangerous situations for residents. Californians experienced severe weather conditions in January due to a bomb cyclone and an atmospheric river.

This week, forecasts showed that flooding could impact this week. According to American Red Cross, disaster preparedness is essential during dangerous floods.

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Here are important reminders to prepare for possible flooding in California.

Prepare emergency supplies and kits.

It is at the top of the list because flooding could cause inaccessible road conditions. Homeowners should ensure enough home food supplies and emergency kits in case of a widespread power outage and evacuation.

The recommended home supplies and emergency kits are the following:

  • Battery-powered radio
  • Extra flashlights for family members
  • Non-perishable goods and bottled water
  • Extra mobile phone and power bank
  • List of contacts

Keep updated with the weather conditions

During a flooding event, it is not recommendable to commute to affected areas. Motorists should stay updated with the weather conditions for possible road closures, road delays and dangers.

It is best to stay home when the weather becomes disastrous or severe.

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