Late Fall Season Storms to Hit the Pacific Northwest and Southern High Plains; Heavy Rain and Snowfall Possible

Late fall season storms will affect multiple regions across the United States this week, including the Pacific Northwest and Southern High Plains, according to US weather authorities. The storms could bring heavy rain and snowfall, as well as strong winds and thunderstorms in the affected areas. Powerful precipitation could also affect travel during the holiday weekend after Thanksgiving Day.

The pre-winter storm systems come after the historic lake effect snowstorm that wreaked havoc across the Midwest and Northeast over the past week and previous systems that allowed the Western US to cool down. While meteorologists did not mention any extreme weather events in the coming days, most parts of the country may experience a weather shift as the winter season in December draws near.

Late Fall Season Storms

US storm systems

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The National Weather Service (NWS), through its Weather Prediction Center (WPC), issued a new short-range forecast on Thursday, November 24, highlighting the slow-moving storm system across the Southern Plains and the Pacific storms system heading towards the Pacific Northwest. The weather outlook also mentioned the fire weather in California and cold front in Hawaii.

The forecast is set in a post-Thanksgiving weather, which US weather forecasts in recent days reported would affect almost 55 million Americans traveling home after the national holiday. This means that certain weather hazards as initially predicted by the NWS can result in reduced visibility, affecting both road traffic movement and flights nationwide.

The outlook about the late fall season storms is valid from Friday to Sunday, November 25 to November 27.

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Black Friday Weather

The season of shopping is here but not only travelers will be affected by the looming weather disturbances as forecasters revealed that the Black Friday weather will be enveloped by a storm system that can caused rain and snow, impacting travel and outdoor plans for the South and East US, according to Fox Weather.

The initial wave of rain showers from the Thanksgiving storm from the Southern Plains and Lower Mississippi Valley will navigate towards the Eastern Seaboard. Meanwhile, a low-pressure system will stay stationary in Texas, brining additional showers and thunderstorms, the US news organization said.

Thanksgiving Weekend Weather

In the coming hours, the US weather agency said torrential rain with the risk of several flash flooding events is possible in Texas on Friday. Widespread showers and thunderstorms will affect areas from the East Coast to the Southern Plains into the weekend. Substantial snowfall is also likely overnight from Thursday to Friday in some parts of the Southern High Plains.

Earlier this week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also reported that the Thanksgiving weekend weather will be mild for some areas and regions, while rainy for some. Following the country’s rollercoaster ride brought by freezing temperatures from the cold air mass from the Arctic, NOAA forecasters said temperatures will be almost normal for most parts of the US.

The US agency also said unsettled weather is on the way for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. A low-pressure system will strike the Alaska Panhandle. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will experience the passage of a tropical wave which can bring showers and thunderstorms.

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