London, Northern Europe Weather Forecast: Heavy Snow Could Cause Slower Commutes, Flight Delays This Week

Recent weather reports said heavy snow unfolded in the United Kingdom, especially in London, resulting in widespread travel disruptions.

In the latest report, Met Office reported that heavy snow is expected in parts of Northern England.

Britons with travel plans or outdoor activities should consider the weather outlook this week.

Heavy snow in the UK and parts of Europe

  London, England

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London, England. Weather reports said heavy snow unloaded in portions of the United Kingdom, especially in London, which caused widespread travel disruptions and flight delays. 

In the latest weather forecast, AccuWeather explained that a blast of arctic air and snow conditions unloaded in London this Wednesday.

The forecasts said the frigid weather conditions caused travel concerns and chaos due to heavy snow.

  • Associated Press (AP) reported flights were affected in the United Kingdom on Wednesday. The report said Bristol Airport in southwest England and London’s Gatwick Airport experienced travel disruptions or delays due to the challenging weather.
  • Meanwhile, the Daily Express UK reported the flight delays at Heathrow. Passengers traveling this week are advised to check the weather before leaving their homes.

Furthermore, Sky News reported the amber warning as the UK experienced a cold snap and challenging snow.

Sky News reported the possibility of power outages and troublesome cold at night, adding that the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) issued a level 3 cold alert.

Meanwhile, BBC News said central and northern England could experience snow and icy conditions.

The report noted that the problematic weather could continue until Friday as an Amber warning reached Yorkshire Dales, Leeds and Peak District.

On the other hand, Met Office said that snow showers could unfold in Northern England, portions of Wales, Northern Ireland and Southern Scotland.

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On Friday, the forecast said that cold weather could persist.

Meanwhile, the weather on the weekend could unload rain. It is best to bring an umbrella.

Home and travel preparations during heavy snow

Weather forecasts explained that cold snaps and heavy snow blanketed parts of the United Kingdom.

Freezing conditions could result in cold-related health concerns for vulnerable people. In addition, road hazards could also affect daily travel this week.

Here are important reminders for travelers and homeowners this week.

Stay alert for snow forecasts or advisories in the UK.

According to forecasts, the challenging snow and cold could continue this week. Staying alert for the weather would help Britons anticipate the impact of severe weather.

In addition, frozen pipes and roof damage are also possible during heavy snow.

Meanwhile, the freezing conditions could cause a cold-related health risk. Staying warm under extreme cold is essential, especially at night.

Homeowners should observe for signs of hypothermia among their family members.

Avoid unnecessary travel this week.

Motorists should avoid unnecessary travel this week due to multiple road hazards from snowy conditions.

Homeowners should check for possible road accidents, road closures and travel delays.

Heavy snow winter supplies.

It is a must that homes should have keep winter supplies if the weather worsens. It is considered a life-saver when there is a power outage.

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