Santa Ana Winds in Southern California Could Cause Wildfires and Wind Damage, Forecast Warns

The latest forecast warned that the arrival of Santa Ana winds to Southern California could cause wind damage as many Americans enjoyed Thanksgiving.

September 9, 2022 in Julian, California

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September 9, 2022 in Julian, California

Previous reports noted that the weather could bring heavy rains in portions of the United States, disrupting outdoor Thanksgiving activities and travel.

The report added that the weather could unleash thunderstorms and snow.

As winter became apparent, the weather began to become colder than usual. The severe weather brought cold air that added to the cold weather in many parts of the United States.

Although the rounds of rain were chaotic to many in Thanksgiving mode, the rain helped to offer relief in Seattle, suffering from a long dry streak.

Others also started to clean up the snow from the heavy lake-effect snow in Buffalo, New York. The report said that residents and the state began to remove the snow.

Santa Ana Winds

As many Americans wait for the winter, the latest AccuWeather forecast on November 24, warned for a potential wind damage and wildfires from the round of Santa Ana winds.

AccuWeather explained that the Santa Ana winds could be dangerous impacting portions of Southern California, emerging every October, but could emerge anytime.

The report added that the Santa Ana winds could unleash hot and dry weather.

What is worrying is the winds could ignite wildfires, causing small to disastrous fires.

The forecast also warned that the Santa Ana winds could impact trees, homes, and vehicles. In addition, the strong winds could turn down power lines causing a blackout.

Recently, portions of California suffered from record-breaking hot weather. The previous report showed that energy regulators advised residents to conserve electricity due to high demand.

Residents should stay updated with the weather’s progress and the Santa Ana winds.

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AccuWeather’s Santa Ana Winds outlook from Wednesday night to early Friday showed that the strongest winds could emerge on Thursday, affecting Thanksgiving until the weekend.

The forecast added that the Santa Winds could cause a high fire risk, wind gusts, and dangerous crosswinds.

The report said that Ventura, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Hemet, San Diego, and San Bernardino are affected areas.

Furthermore, the report showed that some areas could record mild weather and remain dry on Friday, including San Francisco, Fresno, Reno, Redding, Elko, Salt Lake City, Grand Junction, Cedar City, las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

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As the weather becomes dry, residents should stay hydrated. The forecast added that the strong winds would abate starting Thursday evening, but wind gusts could persist until Friday.

Northwest wintry weather

On the other hand, the forecast added that portions of the Northwest could record wintry storm weather, causing heavy snow and rain starting Saturday night.

Thunderstorms, rain, and snow showers are expected in portions of the Northwest as many wrapped up for Thanksgiving and the weekend.

The rainy weather could help improve the air quality in the area, making it cooler than usual.

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