US Weather Forecast: Widespread Cold, Arctic Air to Unfold in Central, Eastern US As Winter Season Ends

March 14, 2023 in New York City. As the winter season and forecast are expected to end, the latest weather reports said that a widespread cold could unfold in the central and Eastern United States this weekend.

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March 14, 2023 in New York City. As the winter season and forecast are expected to end, the latest weather reports said that a widespread cold could unfold in the central and Eastern United States this weekend.

As the spring season is set to begin, the latest weather forecast reported that a widespread cold and blast of arctic air are expected in the Central and Eastern US this weekend.

Although it is still too early to expect the end of winter, more winter storms could emerge as the spring season comes.

In previous forecasts, challenging winter conditions occurred in California, the Northeast and the Midwest, causing travel and health concerns.

In the latest key message, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported heavy lake-effect snow could and possible snow squalls could unload in parts of upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio Valley and Michigan this weekend.

Outbreak of arctic air and widespread cold

According to AccuWeather’s latest forecast, the blast of arctic air and widespread cold could stretch across the Eastern and Central United States this weekend.

In the South, previous reports showed that possible freezing conditions could likely emerge.

Based on AccuWeather’s outlook (From Saturday and Tuesday), widespread cold is expected to unfold in Portland, Boise, Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville and New York.

The weather forecast noted that parts of the Northeast and the Midwest could experience the coldest temperatures.

As colder temperatures grip parts of the United States, homeowners must stay updated with the weather. The American Red Cross shared tips on how to stay warm during the winter season or colder weather outlook.

The colder to freezing weather conditions could lead to dangerous health-related risks, including hypothermia and frostbite.

  • It is best to monitor the temperatures of your family members, significantly those with pre-existing medical conditions or concerns.

Meanwhile, the NWS Weather Prediction Center’s latest key message (March 16 – 19, 2023) showed that possible lake-effect snow could emerge in Lakes Superior, East of Lakes Erie and Ontario.

The weather advisory warned that the snow could lead to low visibility, heavy snow and dangerous travel conditions.

Meanwhile, snow squalls could likely unleash in parts of the Northeast and Eastern Great Lakes this weekend.

On the other hand, AccuWeather reported that locally dangerous crosswinds and blowing snow could emerge on Saturday, affecting areas in Detroit, Toronto, Pittsburgh and Traverse City.

  • On the same day, possible snow squalls could emerge in Toronto and Syracuse.
  • On Monday, the forecast said a potential freezing outlook could grip parts of the Southern US, especially in Atlanta, Charlotte, Mobile and Shreveport.

Cold safety this weekend

Homeowners must prepare as the freezing conditions and colder weather outlook are forecast this weekend and until early next week.

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Widespread cold and potentially freezing temperatures could become challenging for motorists and homeowners affected.

In addition, it is recommendable to monitor the weather outlook before traveling this week. If the weather conditions become troublesome or worsens, it is best to stay at home.

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